The mission of Meta Wine is to provide our customers with wines of the highest quality and exceptional value, in innovative packaging formats that are environmentally friendly and make great economic sense.

We offer a core of all of the leading wines with the desired sensory profiles that our customers expect, as well as less familiar but truly outstanding indigenous varietals from around the world, on a rotating, seasonal basis. We sell the wine that customers currently demand, and introduce wine lovers to new wine varietals and experiences.

Our goal is to bring better wine to our customers at a lower cost, and to provide social and environmental benefit along the way. We want to demystify wine, and to remove the sense of preciousness, prestige, and pretension that traditional wine marketers have foisted upon the US market. In a way, we are trying to democratize wine, and bring it to the level of the masses, albeit of the highest quality and value. This is how wine is enjoyed in Europe and we want to bring this experience to the US.

                                                              “No nation is drunk where wine is cheap, and none sober where the dearness of wine substitutes ardent spirits as the common beverage.”
-Thomas Jefferson