Meta Wine’s retail customers can enjoy the most unique wine experience offered in the United States, based on a common business format found in Europe. Customers can enjoy a glass of wine in the tasting room, whether a high quality single varietal, or a blend of their own making.

Groups can come in and “blend with friends” as a group activity. After a bit of instruction on wine blending, a piece of butcher paper is spread over the table and graduated cylinders and pipettes are provided. The group orders several varietals of wine, and can then experiment with blending wines in various ways, with the formula for each wine recorded on the butcher paper amid much spirited conversation.

Then, whether based on the blend formula that is created on that occasion, a blend formula stored in our database, or simply a single varietal that the customer enjoys on its own, Meta Wine can fill an environmentally friendly often reusable package with the wine “to-go” for off-premise consumption. The customer may even create their own label for the wine, with a label template found in our smart phone app, to truly have created their own individual wine, label and brand.