Meta Wine’s customers at wholesale are adopting wine-on-tap at a vigorous pace, to offer wine-by-the-glass most efficiently due to the elimination of waste. Wine-on-tape takes wine-by-the-glass from the least profitable adult beverage to the most profitable, and the cash cow based on sales volume.

Meta Wine serves as a bespoke winery for customers at wholesale, enabling the creation of unique blends, styles and concoctions that align to a particular menu, concept or target consumer profile. For outdoor summertime fests, events and venues, Sangria facilitated by wine-on-tap is a game-changing driver of sales volume.

And for customers that do not wish to take a proprietary private label approach, Meta Wine simply offers exceptional wines at an unbeatable price. Further, Meta Wine can also procure the wine of a particular producer, and package it in kegs under that producer’s label, should the producer and customer agree to this approach.