Our selection of wine is based on quality, to offer the most familiar in-demand wines as well as introduce exceptional but lesser-known varietals to US consumers. All of our wines are made naturally, with minimal intervention in the grape growing and wine making processes, and often organic or biodynamic.

Our producer partners are small- to mid-sized farmers and winemakers operating independent business that are often family run. They employ traditional rather than industrial production processes, focused on consistent high quality and long-term reputation rather than short term profits.

Meta Wine offers both New World and Old World wine styles, with New World styles most familiar to US consumers, and Old World styles presenting the great variety and range of wines that the world has to offer. Our goal is to meet and exceed the expectation of our customers from a quality and value standpoint, and then to introduce new wines to customers, to develop their appreciation for new wine experiences.

Terroir-driven Old World wines are produced in close proximity to the most successful varietals and prestigious labels of the wines of the world.

New World wines are produced in top AVAs with sophisticated wine making techniques, to top the most in-demand labels in quality and value for a particular wine or its varietal.