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Meta Wine brings the best wines of the world to your glass, offering exceptional quality, value and sustainability, and the unique personalized experience of developing your own wine and label among infinite possibilities.

About Us

Meta Wine is inspired by a simple, traditional approach to offering wine, which is found in many international wine regions, to offer the best in-demand wines from the great wine regions of the world of the highest quality and an exceptional value.

By removing inefficiencies in the way that wine is marketed and bringing wine to customers in a variety of innovative, environmentally-friendly packaging formats, Meta Wine can sell the best wine at a much lower price than any other wine seller.

Offering a select portfolio of wine, Old World and New World, comprised of a core of the the familiar flavor profiles of the most in-demand wines, and complemented by a rotating cast of seasonal and indigenous wine varietals to tempt the tastes and curiosities of all wine lovers, Meta Wine always has a wine for everyone.

And uniquely, for those wishing to taste a wine that is truly unique, Meta Wine enables customers to develop their own personal blend, whether wholesale customers looking to craft a private label masterpiece to complement their menu, concept or target customer, or retail customers enjoying a Blend with Friends occasion in our tasting room.

Meta Wine offers the best wine in the best way: your way. Ever. Meta. Wine.